Monday in Paradise: 

Creating a life you don’t need a vacation from.

The world likes to tell us there is a purspose to our lives. Some unknown destiny we must fullfill that somehow looms ahead of us since the moment we are born. In stories, in advertising, in religion it makes it seem that our lives serve as something, some higher purspose we are unaware of at the time of its happening. It makes it seem that whatever we are doing be it working for a high profile corporate, for a non-profit or if we are self-employed we are bound to make a difference in someone else’s life, an in turn that someone will make a difference too.  It tries to tell us that no matter if we love our work,  if we ended up being doctors and lawyers to follow a family path, if we are actors, restaurant owners, or simple parking lot attendants there is meaning to everymorning. That we should be content to be alive, to get up every morning, brush out teeth, comb our hair and make breakfast. That the one person whose life we change will be the next Mother Teresa, the next MLK, the next John Paul II.

I’m not sure if this theory is certain.  What I do know is that my truth is different from your truth, that Catholics will tell me Christ is the truth and Buddhists will tell me I am the truth.  That all the while we are lost in a sea of labels and expectations, millennial, feminists, women, minorities, priviledged, liberal, socialist right, socialist left. We are left trying to understand what they mean and pretending to know where we stand.

All the while trying to figure out how to live that perfectly poised, filtered instagramed life. Here too there is so grander motive that should drive us, the need to live to the fullest and find our tribe or whatever it is that is being said now. It is as the New York time has put it an ‘obsession with wealth’. But how do we really create that life we don’t need a vacation from? Is it truly different from our parent’s generation and why won’t anyone tell us once and for all what is the right path. It is estimated that more than 40% of professionals are now freelance, we see it everyone splashed across Facebook and Google ‘free yourself for the 9-5″. But did our parents really have it that wrong?

Is the only way to be free and happy, to travel and blog? I don’t think so, but it sure has been a succesful lure. I think the world again has fronted us with an image of what should be, a prototype and we have flocked to believe it, just like we believe our lives have a grand meaning, and just how we believe in gender roles.

I think that living a life we don’t want to run away form has more to do with appreciating every moment, every accomplishment, realizing we all have a role to fulfill in society, being thankful for everything we have and never ceasing to learn. How can I be so certain? Because  I look at my grandfather who created a wonderful life and wonderful family by opening pharmacies. They weren’t his plan, he didn’t set a five year plan, he simply did it. I look at my mother who hasnt’ traveled the globe over and is perhaps happier than I am. I look coworkers, and colleagues, and old friends and they are living the life they were given without a photoshop filter.

I don’t assume to know for certain what I want to do with my life. There are days when I want to live by the ocean, create art in long, flows silk dresses and drink wine on the veranda and there are days when I want to dress up in a Versace black suit and conquer the board room, but most days I want to simply live. I have learned that I love the life I live, with it’s flaws and faults. I want to plan a vacation because it’s exciting, I want to have bad days at work because they build character, I want to break down and cry because it remind me what is important. I want to feel afraid to step out of my comfort zone and be challenged,  I want to hate my job because I will value all the achievement even more. I want to love my days off, and my time with friends and I want to also love what I do because it sets up future goals. I want to change my mind, I want it all. That is what creating a good life is all about, creating a life of challenges you overcame.

I don’t understand our obsession with going against ‘traditional job’s because the world is ever changing, the markets are shrinking, people are loosing jobs to machines, and the world is becoming a less friendly place. I don’t think that is the destiny we were meant to fullfill, do you?

I live the life I want already, because if I didn’t, if I want living to create a wonderful future I would be missing the present. Don’t you agree? Don’t believe you have to work on the beach, or in pajamas because you don’t. Wheather you believe in a higher purpose or a simple life, everyday millions of people are working as nurses, lawyers, business women, board members, hotel managers, pilots, crew captains, architects, writes and they are living the life they dont’ need a vacation from. They are certainly planning one, though because planing one, well that is the fun part!


A Very Merry Christmas ::

It comes & goes like the snow storms of the season, Christmas! 

This year it seemed to allude me, in flashes of string lights, work and holiday get togethers.

Yet being my favorite season I managed to weave a few traditions and some new ones.

I did Disneyland of course :: Disney

And Grinchmas : Universal Studios

Went shopping at South Coast Plaza with my mom that we do every year: South Coast

Saw the tree lighting at Long Beach for the first time :: 

And did Johnny Mathis (the one singer who sings all the classic holiday songs) : Sergestrom Center

We saw ” Baby it’s cold outside” perfomed by Broadway singers ​

And Post Modern Jukebox – post thanksgiving!

Post Modern Jukebox

So you see it has been all in all the Happiest Season of All ~❄️

And there is nothing left to do but wish you a Very Merry Christmas !!