Beach hopping & Bike sharing :

Coastal Living Stories: 

Drab and lazy is usually how my mornings start. I am by no means a morning person and if said morning is to visit the doctor… well whatever motivation I have shrinks.

However, today my post blood work plans included bagels and coffee on the posh, sandy Manhattan Beach shores.

I took my medium sized coffee I bought at Manhattan Beach Bread & Bagel and walked without rush or care along the warm sands. The ocean always soothes and calms me. 

Want a secret confession? That was my last cup of coffee for a while, doctors orders.

Oh the sadnesses of getting older 

After Watching the waves became a tiresome ordeal I headed back home to ride a bike along the Long Beach harbor. 

I had been meaning to go bike riding for the last two years. Talk about procrastination!

So today finally, I rented a bike from Long Beach Bike share & rode down to the Queen Mary and up to Los Alamitos Beach.

The booking process online was a little confusing because I didn’t know if my booking was working or not but the picking up process was super easy. The price of $7 for an hour, $15 a month is very reasonable. I did exactly 55minutes brought it back and all was fantastic. The bike was easy, in good condition and had a charming basket in the front. 

I can’t believe I waited that long for something so easy and fun. I will probably rent it out again or buy the monthly pass. 

The views along the bike trails were spectacular and the wind in my face was divine.

Lessons in living the life you want? : 

~ Do things as you want them, as your feel them, as you dream them. If you don’t you might realize you wasted two years without riding a bike 😉 


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