Little Town Dreams ~ 

I’m a big city girl. I always have been. From the 20 million people in Mexico City to the streets of LA. I love them, the many places to eat, the shows, the hustle, the bustle the energy. Yet, I’d trade them in a heartbeat for small town calm, for charming, for mom and pop, for no traffic. And no place enbodies a more picture perfect small town than Solvang, California.

 Hiding away in the slopping hills of central California it is part secret tourist attraction and wine town. 

Solvang gets its roots from a Dutch community that settled there in the early 1900’s . It is filled with bakeries, Danish restaurants and little stores. There is a bookstore with a complete story on Hans Christian Andersen and a replica of the Little Mermaid statue. 

It has an all Christmas store open year-round and the walk down town is littered with small boutique food & art shops.

Doesn’t it sound dreamy? 

It is smack dab in the middle of the Santa Ynez Valley which is a major wine area, so if you feel like wine tasting … go right ahead. There are tours offered that depart from Solvang or you could plan your own, it is also a very short drive to the Santa Ynez mission, a historical site of Californian history as well as an Ostrich farm if feeding birds is more your thing.

Solvang is only about a 4 hours drive from Los Angels or for a more relaxing trip take Amtrak to Santa Barbara and then the connecting bus that drops you off right in the center of town. 

Many happy returns here !


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