Live this moment::               

“Our generation is famous for yearning wanderlust stories, entrepreneurship, following our passions and using our bright education for more than a normal (God forbid) corporate job. We have made a mantra of individualism, of startups and billionaires before 30. We are the modern generation that looks back for inspiration.
But we often lack the perspective and appreciation to be happy and thankful for the moment we live in. Handed everything since a young age and told we can do anything and we deserver everything gives us a lack of understand of that beautiful thing that being valuing the moment, “smelling the roses” as the saying goes.

I myself am guilty of doing that. I don’t often realize all the good things I have, all the beautiful moments that everyday provides.

Today I was driving down the 101 Hollywood freeway in a gorgeous sunny day, the ones California is famous for. The sun brightened the perfect blue sky; it was like a movie the ones that make California the place of dreams for many. The breeze blew around my hair and it felt almost like early summer in the middle of winter. This is a blessing indeed, to live here, to have days like this, to drive in the middle of the Hollywood hills, or near the peaceful ocean waves in Long Beach. There was no traffic and music fell in waves from my new car, and I though I should be thankful for all of this. For having a job and being able to buy an expensive cup of coffee, and making reservations to dine by the sea.

I am often troubled by the future, I don’t think I should anymore. I think I should focus on enjoying the moment I live in because at the end of our days that is all we have. That sunny day you spent driving down the ocean, that rainy night curled up on the couch with loved ones, everything we don’t cherish enough is the only thing we keep in the end. “