To Making it Count~ 

The Huntington Library & Hanging my travel photographs:: 

There are a few reasons Titanic is one of my favorite movies. It is a story of stepping outside the boxes, letting life change us, trusting the unknown, the crazy, that which sets our soul on fire. 

Two scenes stand out to me often. And they have in some sorts inspired the way I live my life. 

1. Jack’s speech at the dinner table

Because each day is a gift. We don’t know how long we have on this Earth, how long we have health, or loved ones. We have as humans lost the value of the here and now. 

2. The collection of photographs on old Rose’s bureau. They show her riding horses, boarding a plane, doing things that link back to one conversation she had with Jack.

And just like that the movie comes full circle. It was worth it, to make each moment count.

Now why do I say they’ve inspired me? I try to make each day count. 

Today for example I took a day trip to the Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens. It was breathtaking. The gardens themselves dripped with tranquility and peace. My favorite was the Japanese Garden:  

Although the close by Chinese Garden did have a tea shop and tables by the water to sit and wash away our troubles.

The Rose Garden was not in full bloom although Roses are always close to my heart and worth a mention 

It was however the art galleries that left me in awe and instilled a few audible gasps.

The main house where the Huntingtons lived not only housed impressive portraits by painters of the time it also had one of my favorite pieces by Joshua Reynolds 

” Sarah siddons as the tragic muse”

More Impressive in real life

And a temporary exhibit on Van Goh & Monet [convenient for our Titac theme ] 

Jack looking at a Monet
My Monet ( heavily guarded )

But the real magic was the books.

Books at a library? How naive of me!

These two libraries made my eyes gloss over with sheer joy. They certainly transport you to a different world.
: The house library has a rolling staircase. What the? Did I fall into Belle’s library or what?

: Principal library

1. The smell of books was amazing

2. The semi dark and two stories .. on point

3. They had original manuscripts (pieces) of Emerson, Thoreau, Twain & others. Again. What? Belle would be jealous. 

The second part of the Titanic legacy is the pictures. I too have things I want to do. Trips, experiences, bucket lists. Some to prove a point, others missions or self promises. My proof to myself is pictures. Today I am almost done with my picture wall.

The goal is to have a room in a house someday, where all my travel pictures hang: 

” To Making it Count” ~ 


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