Loin de Paname

In an interview once a reporter told Edith Piaf that it was rare to see her ‘far from Paris’.

Edith responded, ” I’m never far from Paris”

Her response was metaphorical of course saying that her heart never strayed far from Paris. 

Edith Piaf was the ultimate Parisian in the legacy she left and the way she lived. In the way that even though it’s been a few years since I visited Paris her music always brings me back. It makes you love and dream and cry. 

So naturally I always jump at the chance to go eat anywhere that has a french flair and Edith Piaf in the background. 

Paris in a Cup is the most adorable tea house in Orange County. It is located in Old Town Orange along antique stores and historic buildings. 

The window displays Eiffel Towers of every size and photographs of Paris. Once inside the tea house ( for which I recomend reservations) it spills with classic charm. The booths are stripped black and white, large photos of Paris and old vintage glamour cover the walls and chandeliers that make my old soul feel at home for a second. 

We ordered Marie Antoinette’s tea and scones, followed by Croque Madames and oranginas. It can’t get more French than that.

When it was over we took tea home from their charming store and drove 10 minutes to another type of culture. 10 minutes away in Bowers Museum they had an exhibit on Mexico’s ultimate symbol : La Virgen de Guadalupe.

After touring the exhibit full of paintings and artifacts dating back to 1600’s (old soul bliss). We then discovered there was a fiesta / happy hour at Tanga the museums bistro/bar!

Mariachis and margaritas? Why yes please!

Who says we can’t travel around the world in one day?~


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