A Frightfully Hot Day at Disneyland & How Annual Passholders keep cool πŸ˜‰

It’s 84 degrees on a late September Morning and we just arrived at the Disneyland Resort.

Hmmhh, was the exciment for the just started Halloween Time already wearing off? 

Good Bye Tower of Terror … eeerrrr I mean Hollywood Tower Hotel

Not in the least because we had a few things planned, we just had to figure out ways to keep cool in between. 

First order or business was to get a Fast-Pass to the recently redone Soaring over the World (former Soaing over California).Once that was done we had two hours to kill. 

To our luck it was AP days at Disney California Adventure which meant shaded spots where we could hide from the beaming sun, take pictures, collect pins & get free cold water! Yay!

We also did some store browsing with all the new Halloween Time Merchandise and did some people watching. The AP’s go-to activity.

Then it was finally time for Soaring over the World. Can’t tell you the visited countries because what’s the fun in that? But…. SERIOUS WANDERLUST!! 

After that was done we headed over to Award Wieners by the Hollywood Studios. We got the Tower Drop Dog Read Full Review  and then we headed over to Carthay Circle lounge for some catch up princess time over a cocktail and some AC. But first let me explain why ~ princess time~. 

For the first time we Disneybounded! Disneybound Explained I was Belle and my friend was Ariel and someone recognized who we were so it was a sucess (minus my jacket in 84 degree weather). 

Cocktail was the limited time Tower Drop 

Grenadine Midori & a drop of Baileys [a little scary looking but that is the point]

And we finished our Disney Half Day with a quick cross to Disneyland to snap a pic with Cruella since villians have taken over the park 

Veridict for the day … Sucessful … And now Checking out of the Tower Hotel! We survived! Maybe I’ll Disneybound more often ? What do you think?


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