Mexico Part 2: A Lesson in History & Love

Love is a complicated revelation. It is a surrender of something to someone that is not yourself. Love for someone, love for money, love for religion, love for a country. In all and any form it is a hope for reciprocation, a shot in the dark at its best. 

That is what every Mexican feels on September 15th. A pride that reason tells us we should not feel, for Mexico according to the media has lost its paradise status. Here there is traffic, crime, violance and corruption. 

But you see… Mexico upon further inspection is a beautiful country. Colorful at its core, vivid with history, beating with rythm and flavor, candid at every corner. And every 15th at midnight it vibrates with the ‘Grito’ of its ancestor; ancestors that fell in love with liberty and didn’t stop until the achieved independence from Spain. 

Yes, America and France may have started revolutions, they may have ignited the flame of fraternity and colonian freedom but Mexico romanticised it. In 1810 it was no longer ‘La Nueva España’ ( the new spain) but Mexico proud land of Aztec heritage and breathtaking beauty. 

And even though the whole world calls me, the wanderlust of my Spanish conquerer roots sways me, I always go to Mexico because there is so much to discover. Won’t you discover it with me?

mexico tourism board


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