Mexico Part I: A place to call home



It’s been said that home isn’t a place but a state of mind, it’s been said that it’s not a house but a person, that it’s not where you live but where your heart resides, a great many things have been said; but the truth is we all NEED A PLACE TO CALL HOME.

My home will always be Mexico City. Perhaps, that is why one of my favorite months is September. The first month of fall & the launch of Starbucks PSL is the Independence Month for Mexico.




This will be Part I in an undecided amount of posts about my gorgeous hometown. You see Mexico, aside from what anyone ever says, is the stuff of dreams. There are endless places to go, to eat, to see.

From castles in the woods (Museo Nacional)

to museums with beautiful art collections (Museo de Arte Moderna),

from fine dinning 50 floors above the city Bellini

to nitty gritty mole two floors from the Basilica,

from falling Mayan ruins an hour outside of the city

to the church where the Virgin of Guadalupe is believed to have told her faithful son that Mexico would become catholic.

There is not a second to be bored in Mexico,
it is the place for shopping, for eating,

for calling home.


And even though last year was the first in more than 20 that I had spent the 16th on it’s soil is reason enough to write endless post about my travels in Mexico.







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