Diamonds Never Stop Sparkling:

Disney once more before the anniversary is over …


There is a certain nostalgia when you step inside the gates of Disneyland, in wraps you up like Pixie Dust and makes you smile. It’s magic. 6o years of magic!

Perhaps it’s just me, I have after all always loved stories of times gone by. My first memories of Disneyland are actually through a television set when I used to live in Mexico City and the park was celebrating an anniversary. All the characters came out in a parade and I wanted nothing more than to be there in that wonderful happy place.


Never would I have guessed that Disneyland would become my home at some point. That on a bad day I could always go there and without fail it would make me smile. Sometimes it’s the personal memories that surround the park. For example; every time I see ‘It’s a Small World” I am reminded that it was my Grandmas favorite ride. Other times it’s the sheer joy that kids and adults exhibit, unadulterated and uninhibited. Of the idea of doing things that make us so happy, yet we would never do outside the perimeter of these pastel walls.

disney6 - Copy

I have lived so close to Disneyland most of my life that it has become an integral part of who I am. My parents house is less than 10 minutes away and I can’t remember a major holiday or a Christmas season without Disneyland. That is why I had to capture the added magic that the Diamond Celebration brought to the park.


There was all sorts of additional shows, shopping opportunities, character appearances and commemorative collectible. One of my favorite parts of the celebration aside from the Disneyland Forever fireworks has been all the food and drinks! Yes I am a food obsessed millennial.  It has been my mission since the Celebration started last year to go in search of all the special treats; from the royal blue candy apples, the liquor infused truffles available at select Disneyland resort restaurants [ Steakhouse 55, Blue Bayou and Carthay Circle] to the Martinis available at the hotels and DCA [Disney California Adventure].

Want to know my favorite anniversary drink? A simple gin martini with a Diamond shaped ice cube. Yeah, sometimes I’m simple like that.


It was a grand year indeed, a wonderful celebration for the Happiest Place on Earth!

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It was definitely a fun Thursday eating cheese filled pretzels (best place to get them is by the Small World Ride. Taking pictures, shopping at New Orleans Square (also a great place to stop and sip a Mint Julep while you gaze at the majestic Mark Twain boat), and finishing up with the Diamond Martini in the Carthay Lounge because its a great refuge from the heat (or the cold). I’m glad I got to the see the decorations one last the time and I am very excited for the Halloween decoration to come out! Come on Mickey we’re ready for the next 10 years!

disney1 - Copy





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