Sea, heaven and Whiskey …

When I was younger my mother used to quote a song in Spanish “El cielo y mar se ven igual de azules y en la distancia parece que se unen.” ( the sky and sea look just as blue and in the distance they almost seem to touch).

I think of that song whenever I visit the beach. I can sit on the sand or on a rock and stare at the ocean trying to reach the sky. I am the kind of beach goer that does not go waddle in the ocean or builds sand castles, I like to walk alounf the blundering coast line with or without companionship and think of nothing but the sea breeze and how the waves hit the rocks.

Here in the ocean I feel the world fades and I can be simply me. Yesterday I visited the hidden Crystal Cove gem. I discovered this state park a  few years ago, off the Newport Coast. It is miles and miles of rarely crowded beach, old cottages and bungalows that remind you of what life was in the 1920’s to 1960’s and my favorite restaurant in the world.

The Beachcomber Cafe in Crystal Cove state park is located right on the sand, steps from the waves. Its elevated wood floors and rustic charm. I’ve come here to celebrate, to meet, to cry and in all occasions I’ve left with a calm that I only find at the ocean.

Their food is nothing short of spectacular! The one thing I always get is their ‘Baked Feta’ (it is not always in their menu but they always have it) it is amazing! Their ribs are also note worthy and their beignets.

As far as drinks ~ they have many vintage ones. For me I always get wine or an Old Fashion. This time the late August wind was making us cold or it could have been that we were wet from the ocean waves.


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