A few weeks ago I told my mother that I was going to start an adventure/ travel blog.

“why” she asked.

“Because I want to share my crazy 30th year with everyone and anyone. Because I like to write but mostly because I can”

A Mexico City native, raised in sunny California the plan was for me to share my trips, eating dates, zip lining, skydiving expeditions that I take on the two days I have off from work. Living in Long Beach and a proud foodie & wine snob there is much to show our non Californian friends.

She though it a good idea to pass the time and that was that.

Fast forward a few weeks later, procrastination at it’s best. I had not started said blog. I had ideas, faint outlines of posts that included my Cinco de Mayo trip to see Mariachi’s at the Sergestrom Theater in Costa Mesa or the all day best friend date at Disneyland where we managed to eat at the Blue Bayou and get top secret conductor certificates all in one day, or my late night Whiskey bar adventures trying on new whiskeys. I simply didn’t have the motivation to get down and start the blog.

Until, the world changes and suddenly this could be the last time I sit on the patio of Claire’s at the Long Beach Museum of Art sipping sangria and watching the golden coastline. Then you think about all the things you’ve been meaning to do, hydro bicycling and trying that new Crepe place on Elm & 2nd. It hits you that it could all change in one moment, life is like that.  That if I leave there is never a guarantee that I’ll come back to the darling Pacific waves of California.

Not that it hasn’t happened to me before, coming to Southern California when I was 7 was and leaving my beautiful hometown was sort of like that. Though we often return to the Mexican Capital I never again got to call it home and the deja-vu of the moment got to me.

I could say I’m too young too settle, to be patient, to do what is already done. I could say I am older that I seem, older in my heart and soul in the broken hearts, the losses, the walls around my heart, the tears and erroneous decisions but we all could say that. Instead I choose to write this blog because wherever life takes me, here or a thousand miles from here one thing won’t change my love of travel, food and adventure. And I am sure I’ll find things to do anywhere.

When I travel be it the romance of the Seine, the peace of the Vancouver forest or the rampart noise of Mexico I feel like so many people have traveled the same road, walked the same cobblestones for centuries that in the end everything is going to be okay. I hope you enjoy reading about my discoveries, restaurant reviews and hobbies of the sort.







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